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Hydration IV Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas' Best Mobile IV Therapy Service

We pride ourselves on being able to reach our customers through the amazing service provided by our highly certified nurses. Whether you need a Hangover IV located on the Las Vegas Strip, your own home, or your hotel room such as the MGM Grand, we make it easy for you. Just give us a call at our office number to explain your situation and a nurse will be able to help you determine which of our IV drips will be best to restore your energy levels.

IV Hydration Therapy

Refreshd Mobile IV Therapy – Las Vegas offers treatment that is specially formulated to the climate and culture of Las Vegas, Nevada. IV Therapy is a fast and effective means to provide all nutrients to the bloodstream to provide a quick bounce back from sickness or over-partying. These treatments include vitamins, nutrients, and fluids to bring back hydration that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated your body with IV supplements that include vitamins and hydration.

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For Quickest Service Please Call Us On (725) 227-5931 – We Are Available 24/7!

Mobile IV Treatment

The benefit of having an IV therapy program that comes to you is that you can go about your day and rest while we administer your IV fluids. Whether you want the treatment at home, the office, or on the go, our medical technicians can provide an IV drip to you wherever you need us! We pride ourselves on making sure that whatever situation arises, we will be there for you!

Your Mobile IV Hydration Therapy Clinic

Think of us as your own private nurse and physician in Las Vegas, ready to treat your every medical need! We offer both routine and preventative IV treatment and therapy. This treatment is extremely helpful for those who are looking to maintain high energy levels throughout the year or simply want a boost in their immune system. Those with chronic conditions may also benefit from this form of therapy as it will maximize wellness

IV Boosters

Feel comfortable with an IV therapy service that gives you energy boosts. Options include the option of detoxification and energy enhancing vitamin C for nausea, pain reduction, and extra Hydration. We can provide antibiotic treatment by administering vitamin B12 injections. We also carry treatments for colds and the flu, especially during cold and flu season. If you’re looking to burn fat we have a range of highly recommended vitamins and fluids to suit your body via IV therapy wellness.

Food Poisoning IV Hydration Treatment

Many of us have made the mistake of eating or drinking something that has not agreed with our digestive system. When this occurs, you are left feeling extremely nauseous, lightheaded, and often you have to go to the bathroom. For those suffering from food poisoning, we offer IV hydration treatment to give your body a boost and fight against the toxins in your body. If you end up with a really horrible case we’ve got the cure with vitamins, fluids, and energy IV hydration therapy on hand to treat your symptoms.

Las Vegas IV Therapy

While there are hydration therapy options on the Las Vegas Strip, they are often crowded, and hard to get an appointment. With Refreshd Mobile IV Therapy – Las Vegas, you can schedule quickly with a nurse nearby. Most people feel better after one treatment, but if your situation requires more care, our registered nurses can visit you at your home, hotel, or in the office for multiple treatments in a single day. We also offer same-day services in case of an emergency!

Signature IV Therapies

Our professional staff consisting of registered nurses have access to a range of medical services and IV infusions to suit your situation and will be able to determine which IV treatment is best for your situation. If you’re located on the Las Vegas Strip our friendly service can usually be with you within the hour to provide IV Hydration Therapy to help you quickly recover and give you an energy boost before heading home.

Las Vegas NV IV Hydration Therapy Specialists

Refreshd Mobile IV Therapy – Las Vegas is the only mobile clinic in Nevada offering IV hydration therapy. We specialize in-home care, hotel care, and business visits to bring our clients comfort anywhere they are located. Our wonderful nurses will come to you for an energy boost so you don’t have to go out of your way! Services provided include Vitamin C IV therapy, Energy Boost IVs, Health, Life, Wellness IVs, Hangover IVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IV therapy packages are inexpensive, but it all depends on the treatment you choose. This includes dehydration IVs, cold and flu, hangover, energy-boosting, pain relief, immune system boosters, and detoxification. Call us to hear which type of IV therapy would be best for you.

With our Las Vegas IV hydration therapy service, you can receive several different services. For those who have been in an accident or are dehydrated from being sick, we have your back. Our board-certified registered nurse will come to your location and give you the fluid infusion needed to feel better ASAP.

Our Las Vegas Hydration IV service prices are very reasonable, but it all depends on your individual situation. The number of people and type of IV therapy required have the biggest impact on price.

It all depends on which IV therapy you choose and how much fluids or vitamins need to be administered. We offer a wide variety of drip services, but they usually take about 30 minutes to an hour.

While we can provide this for you, it all depends on the type of IV therapy that is going to be provided. Our registered nurses will check your symptoms and recommend the best type of our services provided for IV therapy for you.

Contact Us For IV Hydration Las Vegas Options

The IV treatment provided at Refreshd Mobile IV Therapy – Las Vegas is the perfect way to treat medical conditions in a time-efficient manner, allowing you to get back to doing what you love! Don’t let anything hold you back- contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are available every day of the week for services such as IV Therapy, IV Hydration, IV Infusions, Food Poisoning IV Recovery, Medical Services, Vitamin C IV Therapy, Weight Loss Therapy, Vitamin IV Therapy, and Hangover Relief IV.

Please note that these options are for informational purposes so it is always best to speak to a person over the phone to hear what your beginning symptoms are.

Call us or submit a form on our Refreshd Mobile IV Therapy – Las Vegas website and our great staff will help you make an appointment for your IV drug administration. No matter the person or money requirements, we’ll get you a price and timeframe for your appointment. Don’t let your hangover symptoms stop you, get a boost of energy today!